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Night at the bar turns ugly.
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This is an indie project! There's hosting fees, equipment cost that I have to cover by myself. But if you'd like to help, you'd have my thanks and get a spot on the donator wall!

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Welcome to the new Antares Complex website! Home to the original sci-fi comic series following the Dagger and her crew issue by issue. I'm Mike the creator, if you'd like more information click here. New pages are uploaded on saturdays and I hope you enjoy the comic!

Neige finally finds who she came to meet in a bar full of various species she doesn't get to see too often. Barkeep seems to like him too! ...Not really. Either way: Page 04 can be found here!

Gah, fixed last weeks update date, I keep doing that. Er, what I meant to say is I'm glad I never overlook such a simple detail! Either way we...and Neige gets a closer look at a Prekoto, a race with a lot of fingers and can do some serious multi-tasking: Check it here.

New link! Check out Heartcore by Tara Welker. Starring a wild succubus named Amethyst who went and pissed off the wrong parent. Now she's being hunted by family and others for the sake of a higher rank.

Neige walks into the bar to see (finally) some aliens just getting their drink on...also one smoking like a chimney. Check it here.

New link! Check out Heartcore by Tara Welker. Starring a wild succubus named Amethyst who went and pissed off the wrong parent. Now she's being hunted by family and others for the sake of a higher rank.

Or follow the adventures of Tara on twitter: @lashiec.

Issue 08 has started~! Cover, page and the usual extras pages.

Minor updates:
- Set up the ground work for issue 08's launch
- Added buttons to cycle issues on the comic viewer
- Edited the options of the viewer so you can now jump to character descriptions and such easier.

Thanks to @dsharp524 from Demon Archives webcomic series for bringing these important missing bits to the top of my list.

Well! Issue 07 has been completed!! It's been a crazy one with some crazy bits of viol- what the heck is with that last page!? - Also be sure to read the next 2 pages after!
I included a special page to celebrate the 135th page!...Or just click the link below to see that.

Did some updates to the links section of webcomics I read and follow and you should too! Check out these awesome comics:

They're fantastic comics made by some new friends I met on twitter. If you haven't read them then you're probably terrible! Before you go, I got new page of Antares Complex for ya!
Page 26? Where is it? Here? Yes here!

Also, I went and edited the last few dates on the updates here. It's 2015 now and I think they should be reflecting that, don't you?

Crap, January sure flew by, loads of projects and things going on. Also you guys missed mah berfday! It's okay, I'll still accept rolled up bundles of $100 bills being tossed at me! ...$10s? ...$1s? ....Where'd everyone go?? Come back I have a new comic page!
See page 25 is here!

Time for some sleep ...after a bit of rage from not being paid apparently. Also, what the heck is going on?
Page 24 is right here!

Ejectable bridge section? What is this, Star Trek? Well guess when you haul that much cargo and things go bad, the crew may want a way out.
Page 23 is right here!

Alright, time for a face to face with this pirate cap- wha...?
It can do that? Comic update here!

Happy Solar Revolution terrans! You excited? Me either. Once more around the Sol system's block and now our first update of 2015. There, NOW you're excited. New comic page 2015 Ex Turbo Edition.

Did you expect a new page this holiday xmas? Weeeell sorry I got family too and best I could manage is a xmas pic! Practicing some digital and getting some stuff out? Oh Mike, you're so lame productive! That'd be right here:

It's a late update- only by a few hours! But we continue Neige clearing out the pirates. Click here to check it out.

Everyone enjoying their December? Get some good steam/cybermonday/GoG deals? I hope so! Here's a deal for you! ...Well it's a comic page but close enough. Here's page 19, still going with the graphic violence soI hope you're ready. Click here to check it out.

Also I have some MAJOR thank you's to give out to some generous friends here in the DONATOR WALL OF FAME.

Taking Turkey Day week off, it's been a fun, but stressful and emotional day, I hope you all had an awesome one, thanks for checking in. Update next week.

Head sho- ohhh...that's just wrong!
New page- pg 18 of issue 07 right here: Click here to check it out.

At the last minute someone stops the merceneries from making a dangerous move! ...Kinda!
New page- pg 17 of issue 07 right here: Click here to check it out.

Fixes: Fixed 2 pages being out of order in issue 04- and some text errors.

When hiring mercenaries...Make sure they're not dumb enough to
A- Fire bullets on a space ship.
B- Fire at a bloody airlock!!
New page- right here: Click here to check it out.

Neige lands on the ship and has a plan to deal with a sizable group already waiting for her with Toji's aid. Click here to check it out.

Well I enjoyed that small break! Okay, it wasn't a break I was pretty sick, shivering in bed for hours at a time or so hot that I had a heat rash on my head and face for 2 days! :| ...Anyway!

Next page has been added to issue 07, page 14. Well, enough floating around in space, time for action!

Update: New page for issue 07, page 12 & 13! A real fun pic this was to make ...though I have to say the closenes

-Fixed Issue 05 having the wrong title on the comic selection page.
-Issue 03's comic browser now only contains the third issue and not the entire series.

Update: New page for issue 07, page 12 & 13! A real fun pic this was to make ...though I have to say the closeness to the star is very exaggerated because at that distance? ...Then again there was that one episode of Star Trek that had that special shield modulation!...Enough nonsense check it here!

9/27/2014: A journal and update.
Update: New page for issue 07, page 11! Neige getting ready to dive her crazy ass into space from one ship to another.

Other updates: Fixed a few broken links in the art section & the database as well as added to the database section with new ship data, character data and a few other things here and there.

With that out of the way, the next bit is fairly depressing:

As excited as I am in my above post, today is a day I'm having a hard time accepting the death of my grandmother who passed away earlier this year. She'd have been 90 today and it's so hard accepting I can't just run up a flight of stairs to see her anymore. She lived with us all my life and was always happy to talk or share snacks with us and put up with my need for a nice hug.

She's always been very special to me, always will be. She was a third parent basically when I was growing up and incredibly important to the rest of the household and I till the end. She helped out whenever we needed help that we couldn't provide to my mom (who is mentally disabled). She made every day better and was a fantastic woman who lived her life to the fullest every day and helped us, family and friends alike to better ourselves. She's helped my brother and I in our business adventures, helping us make it even possible. She helped me become a better artist with her support, she gave me the means and support to evolve and do more. She was always happy and able to support my sister in this emotional roller coaster of a house, and give her wonderful stores to tell. All this and of course raised and mady my father who he is today. That's just this household, there's many other family who have their own memories and stories, family whom I've new respect and gratitude for being there in the remaining days.

Now she's gone and it's so hard to take it in. It's been months and it's still not real to me, I can't wrap my mind around it. I love her so much, she was one of the few people I hold dear in my life, one of a short list of family I can say I honestly love and trust with everything...and she's gone. Her apartment empty upstairs still, much of it untouched because we simply can't ...I simply can't even go up there to face it. That she's gone. I'm not strong enough to accept that I'll never see her again. I'll plainly admit that I'm flat out crying here at my desk trying to word this out without crumbling or dragging everyone through the mud here.

Gram, I miss you so very much you were an insperation and you were one of my dearest friends and family. I don't think I'd have made it this far without you and I owe so much to you, we all do I think. There's so many things I still want to tell you and do with you that I will never be to. I miss you and I love you gram.

R.I.P. Ruth Girardin


Another two page update you say? Heck yeah here you go: two new pages! We're back to Neige, waiting for the airlock to cycle so she can ...bravely face her plan! Pages 9 & 10 are here for your viewing pleasure.
Leave a comment and tell everyone what you think.

Other update news: filled in missing database pages on the site, there's still more to be done; I'll be adding graphics to the character database page hopefully. Even replacing Neige's incorrect art with her much too short hair.

Page 7 & 8 have been added to issue 07! For any space ship fanatics out there this is a pinup! ...Of a ...big fat cargo ferry. *cough* Um....anyway! So you want to click here for the new page. Be sure to leave a comment on the page because dammit it was a lot of work redoing this site and I aim to make use out of that!

8/30/2014: New Website!
Hello! You may have noticed things look a bit different around here, well I decided to redo the website. "Wasteful" you say? "Spend more time on the comic you moron" you say?

Well sir and or madame you could be right however, there were many things that were fixed in this update that will make the site load faster, be better for tablet devices and well, make it easier for me to update in general. How easy? Well, I got rid of flash files that I couldn't edit anymore because they were lost in a harddrive crash. Pretty big deal honestly!

I finally caved and worked comment software into the website! So you can share your thoughts 500% easier with me and 100x easier with the community! All 6 of you D:

Please if you see ANY mistakes, please contact me via email...or if you'd like to tell me what you think about the comic as well!

Comic update:
Page 06 has been added to issue 07! We get to see something I was excited to make, the Dagger exiting F.T.L. with a crazy shockwave and still crackling with energy. Click here for that!

Other updates:
Some other updates include, new information in the Database including characters and some technology.

Click here to visit the database.


If you're new here:
This comic series has been running for a few years already, the site just got a major overhaul so updates look sparce but here is a complete history of all updates: Old update history.