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The Dagger moves in for the next mission even with Neige being injured. [Comic in progress, updates Saturdays] Click here


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Donations!? Madness!
This is an indie project, I have to front the hosting fees, equipment cost myself! But if you'd like to help, you'd have my thanks and get a spot on the donator wall!

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Welcome to the new Antares Complex website! Home to the original sci-fi comic series following the Dagger and her crew issue by issue. I'm Mike the creator, if you'd like more information click here. I hope you enjoy the comic!

Another two page update you say? Heck yeah here you go: two new pages! We're back to Neige, waiting for the airlock to cycle so she can ...bravely face her plan!
Leave a comment and tell everyone what you think.

Other update news: filled in missing database pages on the site, there's still more to be done; I'll be adding graphics to the character database page hopefully. Even replacing Neige's incorrect art with her much too short hair.

Page 7 & 8 have been added to issue 07! For any space ship fanatics out there this is a pinup! ...Of a ...big fat cargo ferry. *cough* Um....anyway! So you want to click here for the new page. Be sure to leave a comment on the page because dammit it was a lot of work redoing this site and I aim to make use out of that!

8/30/2014: New Website!
Hello! You may have noticed things look a bit different around here, well I decided to redo the website. "Wasteful" you say? "Spend more time on the comic you moron" you say?

Well sir and or madame you could be right however, there were many things that were fixed in this update that will make the site load faster, be better for tablet devices and well, make it easier for me to update in general. How easy? Well, I got rid of flash files that I couldn't edit anymore because they were lost in a harddrive crash. Pretty big deal honestly!

I finally caved and worked comment software into the website! So you can share your thoughts 500% easier with me and 100x easier with the community! All 6 of you D:

Please if you see ANY mistakes, please contact me via email...or if you'd like to tell me what you think about the comic as well!

Comic update:
Page 06 has been added to issue 07! We get to see something I was excited to make, the Dagger exiting F.T.L. with a crazy shockwave and still crackling with energy. Click here for that!

Other updates:
Some other updates include, new information in the Database including characters and some technology.

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If you're new here:
This comic series has been running for a few years already, the site just got a major overhaul so updates look sparce but here is a complete history of all updates: Old update history.