Issue 07 starts! Nice view of the bridge of the cargo ship...and the pirates on it.

Update: Page 01of issue 07 is up: click here to check it out.

New fanart!? Well, more like Neige is guest starring in a background! In M. Ingenito's: The Pirate Madeline! <=Click there to check out his deviantart profile and comic series.

Thanks M. Ingenito for featuring Neige!



Apologies for the late update but, family was in and we had some things to sort out. But here's the final page of issue 06! Neige is getting ready to do something stupid, really stupid apparently!

Update: Page 24 of issue 06 is up: click here to check it out.

Those new to the site may not know how updates work here, but after an issue is completed I take around a month hiatus to catch up as there's a lot of work to do with the comic and well... you know life.

Don't worry about the comic vanishing, I've already done this with the last 4 issues!
So thank you for understanding! Issue 07 is coming soon!



You don't board a starship that's several times larger than yours easily, sometimes it requires drastic measures...or stupid measures.

Update: Page 23 of issue 06 is up: click here to check it out.

Edit: Gah, I wish someone told me there was a problem with issue 01 sooner! BUT DON'T WORRY ....'cause it's fixed, with blood, sweat and wuv...and maybe some vulgar words.


No breaks for anyone on the ship, doctors orders be damned.

Update: Page 22 of issue 06 is up: click here to check it out.

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Thank you for reading and your support!



Turns out Neige was pretty banged up, the doctor may have crap bedside manors but he's got the captains best interest in mind ....well that and she pays him and that's probably a good idea to keep her alive too.

Update: Page 21 of issue 06 is up: click here to check it out.
- Several fixes to pages in the 6th issue have been made, including grammer, spelling and asethetics.

Note: If you readers spot any misspellings or such, please contact me and let me know the page, issue and what's misspelled! There was only 3 things, 2 of them were not real words but mispelled in my universe's context anyway.

Thank you for reading!

And if you didn't hear, a friend on deviantart, with a comic of his own no less decided to talk about some space stuff! ...He claims he nicked the idea from a journal I made (check the journal here) but that's okay, the more sci-fi chat the better in my mind!
Check the video [here] and his deviantart [here] thanks guys for stoppin' by have an awesome weekend!


Turns out there is someone more stubborn than our captain, and louder than Toji- enter the Doctor.

Update: Page 20 of issue 06 is up: click here to check it out.

A friend on deviantart, with a comic of his own no less decided to talk about some space stuff! ...He claims he nicked the idea from a journal I made (check the journal here) but that's okay, the more sci-fi chat the better in my mind!
Check the video [here] and his deviantart [here] thanks guys for stoppin' by have an awesome weekend!


Neige seems to be more injured than she knew from the battle on the planet Miranda, is there a doctor in the house- er medbay?

Check out page 19 of issue 06: click here to check it out.



Hey everyone, I hope I haven't made everyone think I'm bailing on the comic- I just really needed to take some time off and not think about some things. My head is still shaken up from the recent loss and events. It's not something I'll dive into because I'd rather focus on the good news here.

Such as 2 new comic pages!Yeah it's a bit lame 2 pages in this wait but considering all that went down I'm happy to have anything up. So pages 17 and 18 here for your viewing pleasure.



Hey guys, I'm sorry to do this but I need to take off for a bit. My grandmother, whom I've lived with for all my life has passed away Feburary 26th. I really wanted to continue after such a long 'break' however during that time I was taking care of her during her decline as well as my mother. The decline was incredibly fast, so I'm really taken back and walking away from the cemetary has left me hurt.

The comic isn't going to stop, I have many pages that are ready to go up, I just need the break for piece of mind as this loss is incredibly painful, and I'm not quite sure how to wrap my head around it. She was an incredible woman, a great friend and I love her so much.

I'm sorry for this guys, but I need this, I'll resume as soon as I can.


There has been a lot going on recently that's kept me from updating. I'm sure you may be thinking "excuses, you're just playing video games or somethin", well, no- there's a lot going down recently and not any of it is good. But I don't want to drag readers down with that, I want make others happy here.
If you want to know more about it, I don't reccomend it but you can read the journal on my home page here: click here to find out more.

But, with that out of the way- A COMIC UPDATE, I'm excited to have a new page up, I hope you are just as excited to read it:

Check out page 17 of issue 06: click here to check it out.

 01/30/2013- welp

(Click here to view this on DeviantArt.)
Unbelevable I know, but more health issues (not me). Above pictured is my brother and I in a waiting room for a doctors office for another family member (we're a bit burnt and tired as you can see), 3 hours later in said room we were driving to the E.R.

Everything is fine now, but it's just been a hell of a january, wish us luck. Update is coming- this saturday, it's late I know but I'm going to go on a limb here and assume you understand.

Thank you.
-Mike G.



Hey again, I'm still alive and the comic will resume, there has unfortunatly been more health issues at home and things have just been really hectic.
The comic is going to continue, I have posts ready to go up, it's more about trying to keep a decent schedule for me, there's been a lot of problems recently I know but such is life I guess? If you'd like to read more on it, read the update below for the link to my Deviant Art journal detailing some of what's going on.

Do not think this is going to be another one webcomic doomed to perma-webcomic hiatus, I'm still doing work on the comic, there have been pages made. This month there will be a page going up, thank you for sticking with me guys. I've gotten really nice emails from you guys on Deviant Art and it awesome to hear support from others.

Thank you.
-Mike G.



Hey guys there won't be an update this week due to family health issues, I'm only on a few hours sleep today and was in the hospital for six hours tending to an ill family member.

I wish I could say everything is alright but honestly we don't know due to the nature of what's going on.

I'm not sure what really to say here, I don't feel it needed to put the weight of what's going on here on you guys the readers when you come here for amusment. I want you guys to be happy and see good news not another website saying shit sucks.
If you are more curious about the situation you can go to my deviantart journal by clicking here.

I'll try and get the next page out soon but honestly with what's going on I may take a short hiatus. If so I wish you all a merry x-mas and I hope you all have a wonderful december. Give your folks a hug and tell them you love 'em.



I've gone and done it, I got a Surface Pro 2 with a chunk of my savings, the pain, it hurt right in the wallet organ but it was oh so very worth it. Don't give me that look, I still got a page up despite faffing about with the my new art tool.
New comic page and a correction to the first page, I didn't put the cool title thing I made in the entire issue! Agh!

Check out page 16 of issue 06: click here to check it out.



Got some family in, despite it being an extremely crap 2 days this week...I got a comic page squeezed out. Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you guys like it! I hope you enjoyed the halloween art from last week too. :)

So check out page 15 of issue 06: click here to check it out.


 10/31/2013- Halloween!

Halloween art? Neige as a werewolf!? What nonsense is this? Why it's Halloween nonsense, thank Jolly Jack for inspiring this nonsense from last year.

Check the art here:



Neige has a long distance call with her military 'friend'

Page 14 of issue 06 has been added: click here to check it out.



Angry boss on the phone? Well, that's a fun way to wake up eh?
In other news: New Pokemon is coming out soon, I've not played one since Silver and I've barely played that one, so I may just grab the new one this time around, I mean I've missed a lot so maybe this one will feel totally different and new and fancy!

Page 13 of issue 06 I choose yooooou: click here to check it out.

 09/28/2013- Zzz.

Just got off from 11.5 hours of work from one job and a few at another; I bring you this update ......barely! I hope you all enjoy :)

Page 12 has been added to issue 06: click here to check it out.


 09/14/2013- Nightmare month.

After a nightmare-ish 2 weeks, then a pleasant week of my sister visiting to help out as well I think I can finally resume regular updates. I apologize readers it's just not been good around here lately.

However it's good news now because here is a comic update! I've also updated the comic index with descriptions.

Page 11 has been added to issue 06: click here to check it out.


 08/24/2013-PC repair complete, new page.

PC repair/update complete, after that, a long week of stress and getting things sorted and fixed I'm here with a new page finally.

There's been a loooot going on, the PC upgrade though was much needed and blew a hole in my wallet, the good news is I should be good for a while with this new set up and I did get a good discounted price.

But if you'd like to show some support hit the donate button and help out! :)

Page 10 has been added to issue 06: click here to check it out.

 08/14/2013-PC repair ahoy.

Quick update, I don't know if there will be an update this week because I had to do a major overhaul and upgrade to my PC. Why? Well after it had corrupted several art files while I was working on them.

Yes, I did infact save as many people have reminded me, that isn't a factor, the system would crash and the file would be ruined upon load, no layers completely black, then I got a virus from download.com trying to get a photoshop file recovery tool. How many pics were destroyed in this span of time? 3 comic pages of varying complete-ness and 2 nearly done paintings, not something my employer was thrilled to hear.

LONG STORY SHORT >:| I upgraded my 5-7 year old PC to the modern era at the cost of a huge hole in my tiny wallet. So if there ever was a time to hit that button ===>

It would greatly help me and the comic series, thank you guys for reading and being here ...or on DeviantArt to lend your ears.

  08/03/2013 - sticker day! :|

Hey everyone! Got two things today, first: a comic update:

Page 08-09 has been added to issue 06: click here to check it out.

Also: I made a sticker and it's being sold on Green Gizmo!

Just show the world how much you care, use the coupon code: "Meh" to save a dollar!
Or if you'd like you can use the donate option on this page and donate 3 dollars to get a sticker. Just make sure you include where I'm shipping this!


Generous people who donate + steam sale = me giving many thanks on the donation list!
Generous donator list here!
New...Old art, forgot to post the piece I did for halloween on Deviant Art, so I got that up here: Halloween art 2012.


Hey everyone a update right after the previous one? Gaspu.

Couldn't fix the comic viewer so I just reverted it to a previous release of it, oh well! It now works that's all that matters.

Page 07 has been added to issue 06: click here to check it out.


Toji gets his phone back late at night, one has to wonder why she didn't use her own phone?...hm.


Edit: I am aware of the flipbook comic viewer acting funky, I will get to that when I can, thank you for your patience!

Page 06 has been added to issue 06: click here to check it out.


She makes a call, that doesn't last long... But to who?

Page 05 has been added to issue 06: click here to check it out.


Neige trying to relax after the fight of her life, a moment of weakness she thinks of calling someone from her past.

Page 04 has been added to issue 06: click here to check it out.


It's been a pretty bad annoying 2 weeks and as I said previously lost 2 pages that were fully completed. Well, bad news out of the way I'm uploading a page today! Hooray!

Page 03 has been added to issue 06: click here to check it out.

  05/25/2013 - Problems

Hey guys just a small update on what's going on.

Good news: I got a job with a group so I can work with the situation going on here and get some kind of decent income.

Bad news: Due to some sort of HDD hiccup, I lost two fully painted/shaded pages, corrupted and are now are literally just 1 layer of black now so that has to get redone so I can catch up, but with the above on top of what's going on at home? Just please bare with me!

Thanks for your understanding, I'll have something soon I hope.


We get a look at the Dagger, Neige's ship as she recalls the events on Miranda

Issue 06 just startin' : click to follow along!

  05/04/2013 - Issue 06 begins

It took a bit longer than I had planned but with family in from across the country, work and issues you may have heard me mention things can get delayed. I apologize but that's how it goes! Hey it's sort of a large update after all, cover, credits, comic page? That's hours of work there for ONE person...one person that hopes you enjoy thanks guys for reading you're the best :)

Issue 06 has started! Neige beaten, bruised and tired, embraces the small downtime she has before her next job. Click here to start reading!


Fixed broken links on the site, I should have a look around this place every once and a while to make sure things to the right place eh?

Issue 06 is starting soon, keep an eye out for it!

  04/04/2013-Vote on Neige's armor!

I need you, the readers to help me with a vote! Neige is possibly getting some armor and I need you to vote on it! Click here to go to the vote page!

Changed some incorrect text on the home page, the hiatus is still on. I say hiatus but it's really just a bit of time where I'm working on the comic and don't have to worry about trying to keep up!

Issue 06 will start soon so don't worry about that ...I say as I'm trying to color in the cover.

  03/16/2013-Issue 05 complete.

I'm sick and tired, of being tired and sick urghhh!

The final pages of issue 05, page 12 & 13 have been uploaded to issue 05!

Click here to go straight to the lastest page.

As usual I will be taking a hiatus after an issue to play catch up. Issue 06 will start 'soon' keep and eye out. If you'd like to see some art in the mean time, check out my deviantart here: clicky here. I hope everyone is enjoying so far! Thanks for reading and your support.

  03/09/2013 - 2 Years and still going!

Happy Birthday Antares Complex! That's right, the comic has been out for two whole years. Imagine that! Time flies when you're making art, or something like that.

To celebrate I'm making a pic for the comic, I'd have had it done by now but I've been sick for the past two days, but-- here's page 11 of issue 05, the issue is soon wrapping up with a mission completed finally!

Click here to go straight to the lastest page.
Updated some of the visuals of the site, nothing major.



Page 10 has been added to issue 05, looks like good news afterall.

Click here to go straight to the lastest page.
Updated some of the visuals of the site, nothing major.

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Louis seems to have one hell of a scary trick up his sleeve...and backup arrives.

Page 09 has been uploaded to issue 05.

Click here to go straight to the lastest page.

Edit: After breaking the home page 3 times, I got the facebook Like thing back up, so be so kind to Like Antares Complex on facebook for the 30 minute headache effort at the least! :C

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I'm working on doing some updates to the database section, hopefully those'll be done by next week so the information will be more easily updated & accessed.

Page 08 has been uploaded to issue 05, looks like Neige may be in trouble here.

Click here to go straight to the lastest page.


An interesting turn of events, Neige seems to have regained, no gotten stronger and Lous is running out of steam after his strange outburst. But something seems to be up...
Check out the latest page of issue 05:

Click here to go straight to the lastest page.


Neige is making her comeback, taking on Louis with a kick Guile would be proud of.
Page 06 of issue 05 has been added!

Click here to go straight to the lastest page.


Warning incoming fat update: Well that was quite the holiday break, I thought I'd get some more work done on AC but that was a lot harder than I thought with family and friends getting in the way with food and fun (those jerks!<3).

Comic page update: And what you probably came here for: page 05 has been added to issue 05,Click here to go straight to the lastest page.

-Also it seems some idiot posted the same page twice last update. I'm glaring at him right now, wait that's a mirror, ah crap. Either way that's fixed now!

Fanart: Someone is reading the comic, and liked it enough to do fanart! Thanks Nyquildreamer, check out his awesome work by clicking the thumbnail below or go directly to his deviantart here.

Donations/Gifts: Also several generous Steam go-ers have gifted me some things over the giant steam sale: check the donors list here! Thanks you guys!



First post of the new year! Regular updates will continue after my birthday, sorry guys for the delay but the holidays were busy.

I hope you all had a fun time on your respective holidays and they weren't too manic, my friend gave me an inflatable chaingun, how can you get more awesome than that? Titanium spork, that's how.

  12/22/2012-Holiday season tiemz

Hey everyone, due to the holidays and their hectic nature, I can't promise an update till after X-mas. Thanks for checking in here though!

Merry X-mas, hope those who celebrate Hanukkah, hope that was awesome for you too! Spend some times with your families! Seeya in 2013 everyone!


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