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Issue 09: What Lurks in the Darkness?    

Neige awakens in a strange place, is it real? Where is she? Are her friends okay? What she has been it real? Or is the stress finally getting to her.

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Issue 07: Communications Terminated Issue 08: Target: Neige

Doctors orders be damned, Lt. Flint of the Terran Aerospace Military has the next job lined up for the Dagger. Hopefully Neige is ready, because the pirates are ready for her.

-27 Pages


The Dagger stops off for some R & R while picking up cargo. Neige meets up with a friend when trouble starts and someone is taken out.

[-39 Pages


Issue 05: Swift Rescue Issue 06: No Compensation

Issue 05: Swift Rescue

Neige makes her way into the ruins and finds the Miranda Artifact. Louis however isn't finished and will do whatever it takes to stop her from leaving with it!

-13 Pages

Issue 06: No Compensation

After a brutal mission Neige takes time to rest and recover. After that job she suspects she'll be out of the Military's debt, till she is hailed by the Terran Aerospace Military...

-24 Pages


Issue 03: Cold Heart

Issue 04: Flesh to Steel

Issue 03: Cold Heart

After a rough landing, she continues her mission to confront the cult. She realizes quickly after meeting the Aeonis Knight that the landing may have been the easy part.

-22 Pages

Issue 04: Flesh to Steel

The fight continues against the powerful Aeonis Knight, Louis. He seems to be able to take inhuman punishment. Can she beat Louis? What is the Miranda Artifact?

-19 Pages

Issue 01: Going in Hot Issue 02: Fire Storm

Issue 01: Going in Hot

The Dagger is tasked with finding the location of the Aeonis camp on the planet Miranda and to kill the members of the intruding Aeonis Cult from terran space.

-14 Pages

Issue 02: Fire Storm

Neige follows the surviving Aeonis Cult member to the planet Miranda, using his transmission to locate the location of the camp. More than the shields are heating up as Neige flies in solo to take on the camp herself.

-16 Pages