Join the Terran Aerospace Military!

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The T.A.M. (Terran Aerospace Military) needs you! Enlist today in the army,navy or marines and get started in helping Earth (and it's colonies) expand into the galaxy!

See worlds you won't see anywhere else, fight to protect Earth and her colonies! The T.A.M. is the future of humanity, enlist and help Earth today! Join at: hft:// submit your credentials at any terminal and enlist today!
Some restrictions may apply, Terrans only, you must be of a certain height/age/weight. You must be physically able, prosthetic limbs may be upgraded to a military standard model. Actual armor and weapon recieved may/maynot be in the military division you enlist in. Terran Aerpspace Military will require all enlistees to go through a varying lenght training course.

Tools: Pencils, Pens, photoshop

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