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New armor Neige concept

Local store was going out of business (Goodbye Pearl Paint) and I snagged a ton of markers on the cheap, always wanted to experiment with those fancy markers that cost $3 dollars each. Either way, I made a concept here for new armor for Neige trying to figure out what would be cool/effective for her.

Because as I've said in other concepts of Neige I do not like characters wearing a napkins worth of clothing/armor. I can understand if they have shields or some sorta magic but, being that Neige often does not have special protection she gets a vest, arm guard and perhaps something under her jeans.

If you were to ask me what the vest was made out of, I'd say some kind of anti-energy material with some sort of light and futuristic chainmail under it with perhaps more of the anit-energy material under that and some soft clothing for comfort. Super technical! Star Trek look out!

Tools: Pencils, pens, markers

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